The autumn collection: Revitalised Hill Close Gardens in Warwick

Splendid autumnal scenes at rejuvenated hedged gardens, where Victorians once tended cherished plots and stooping apple trees

Yellow holly pitched against the sky and apple fall on a shed roof make fine autumnal scenes in our picture gallery taken at Hill Close Gardens.

Unassumingly pitched on a gentle slope looking out to Warwick Racecourse, the former Victorian pleasure gardens are a carefully-tended palette of rusty colours and pruned greenery.

Little bigger than a couple of football pitches, the clutch of ‘detached’ plots, which date back almost 200 years, came so close to being demolished that at one point a bulldozer was on site devouring the soil.

Reopened in 2007, an exceptional level of detail can be found in plots still walled, fenced or hedged in around their original square borders. The conservation and restoration drive is currently using a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for a project to upgrade and enhance the visitor experience.

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On a crisp November day, with Perry’s Peach and Fred’s Yellow chrysanthemums defying autumn’s brush, Hill Close is a place of quietitude while also bearing witness to the fast-changing nature of the seasons. Much Ado joined Community Engagement Worker Caroline Noel for a tour of the site, stopping to fill up bags at crates of apples before warming up with coffee in the new visitors’ room, which will eventually use a variety of media to tell the story of the gardens and their owners.

Rejuvenation was the unifying theme, both through nature’s hand and the drive to preserve a community asset for future generations.

For more information about the gardens click here

Flowers hedge good

Topiary good

flower close white

door handle

Bright flowers



Yello holy

Apples great


roof apples

Side topiary

tree over path





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